Using Lighting to brighten your space

As we move into Spring/Summer, the lighter nights are here; meaning our aim is to brighten up our space. Not only does it help to boost productivity, Williams said lighting has the potential to boost mood and confidence.

But how do we eliminate darkness in our rooms and let in the light; without it being overwhelming or overly bright?

Keep on reading to find out ways to brighten up your space.

Add Large Mirrors

An easy and simple way to add any natural light into your room can be by hanging a large mirror. This is due to the reflection from the mirror; it will nicely spread the light around the room. If there is a certain area in your room that is darker, hang the mirror in this location.

Let Paint Help You

When using lighter or paler paint, this will help to brighten any room. Pastels and subtle colours can bring a bit more fun alongside more light into any room. If you enjoy the white room look, then you can possibly accessorise using bright colours.

To further brighten any room, painting your ceiling white can brighten any dark space.

Install Daylight Bulbs

Normal lightbulbs tend to be rather harsh and unpleasant on the eye. Instead, you can purchase daylight bulbs that naturally have a soft/yellow light that recreates daylight within a room.

Use Less Furniture 

Naturally, the more space a room has, the more easily natural light will be able to fill the room. When rooms are less crowded you open the room up making it more welcoming and less chaotic. 

Using Glass Lighting to brighten your room

Using glass lighting is an easy way to add bright/warm light into a room, making it feel more open and spacious. If your room is quite dark then a glass light will add more lighting rather than using a normal shade.

Check out our range of glass lighting

Jelly Glass Pendant Light

Our Jelly Glass Pendant Light is the perfect addition to add some colour to pretty much every room.

The Jelly Glass Pendant Light is transparent, curvaceous hand-blown glass shade that seems to quiver like Jelly in the light, these colourful shades are a visual treat.

With four colours the collection truly comes alive when mixed and matched.

Core Pendant Lights

The core is a glass pendant light in a mouth-blown glass made by artisans in the Czech Republic. Made with high-quality crystal glass, the Core can be displayed either in clusters, in a row, or stand alone to make a statement giving any space a defining touch.

The core is available in two sizes as well as three colours – smoked, white and clear glass finishes.

Parison Glass Pendant Light

Our Parison glass pendants are the perfect contemporary light for every room. Incredible craftsmanship which is all hand-blown into organic shapes available in two gorgeous colours, warm amber and contemporary petrol. 

As they are all individually made the dimples in each glass will be slightly different giving them all their own unique character.

Why not hang in a cluster to create an eye-catching feature above a dining table. 

Solon Glass Pendant

Solon pendants are the perfect simple yet stylish glass lights that look amazing with an exposed bulb. 

Add them in clusters above the kitchen counter to bring an industrial feel as they are made with antique brass fittings and a beautiful grey flex.

Available in two sizes.

For more information regarding our lighting, please get in touch.