Get ready for summer with outdoor lighting

Outdoor illumination is an important addition to any landscaping project. With summer coming up soon, you will spend most of your evenings outdoors. Make the experience fun, safe and memorable by ensuring ample and tasteful lighting is in place. This article gives you some great ideas to consider.

Outdoor lighting

Your outdoor space is an extension of your house. Outdoor lighting increases the usefulness of the space around your house, by allowing you to spend more time there. It also allows you to fully utilise your investment in landscaping work. Since you most likely spend your day at work, you only get to enjoy your beautiful lawns in the evening.

Here are different types of outdoor lighting that you can use for a fun and memorable summer.


Floodlights are wall or pole-mounted lights that are raised enough to cast light over a large area. Floodlights serve a security need by deterring burglars and other criminals from accessing your home at night.

Their position also allows for other types of lighting which serve more aesthetic objectives. The best ones are made from LEDs and come with motion sensors, turning off when not needed.


If you have wonderful landscape features, you can install spotlights on each of them to highlight their beauty.

Spotlights cast light on specific items, and at specific angles. For example, you can highlight the beauty of a sculpture or water feature by placing a spotlight in front and from an upward angle to highlight its creases and curves. The same applies to beautiful shrubs and succulents, which would otherwise remain shadowy figures on your landscape.

Pathway lighting

If you have a large lawn or garden, you can mark the path to and inside the lawn using pathway lighting.

Pathway lighting can be installed to sit flush with the ground, at waist height, or much higher. Illuminating the pathways makes outdoor movement safer, and adds to the beauty of the rockery, foliage and other features in the landscape.

Underwater lighting

If you have a swimming pool or other water feature in your landscape, you need to adequately illuminate it. Such illumination serves a safety and security purpose since people can easily fall into and drown in a pool they were not aware was so close.

Additionally, underwater lighting makes such water features more useful. Imagine taking a dip into a well-lit pool with friends at night. Similarly, lighting up a fish pond will make for a tranquil experience watching the fish at night.

Portable lights

Portable lights offer more flexibility in your lighting needs than any other kind. When sitting outside, you'll shed light on your spot, thus making for a comfortable and safe time. In addition, portable lights save you energy expenses since you don’t have to unnecessarily light up the entire garden with floodlights.

Conclusion Outdoor lighting is a crucial factor for the safety and beauty of your home. Installing the right lights is especially important during summer when your family spends most of its time outdoors.

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