4 of the best Portable Lights

Free yourself from the tyranny of wiring! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have light wherever, and whenever you needed it? On a twilight picnic in the woods, or to be able to simply place a light on the table when dining in the garden with friends and family. In this article, we will cover 4 of the best portable lights from Lighting Lovers.


The Orbit light is inspired by the Moon in her journey around the Earth and has a wonderful soft light.

It has a sleek brass handle that is comfortable to use and the white lamp is light and easy to carry. It is perfect for taking out and about, or you can move it anywhere in the home – especially useful if you are working from home and need extra light. Its exciting technical innovation means that you can turn it on and off simply by tilting it.


With its sleek minimalist lines, this lantern is perfect for the modern garden. There is no visible bulb and glare, only a soft light that creates a relaxed mood. It has 3 settings on a dimmer switch, and it comes in 2 sizes. The shorter one is 28cm tall, and the taller one is 65cm. Why not treat yourself to both, as they look great arranged together. It is in steel grey, which perfectly offsets the lovely warm glow it creates.

It is constructed from solid steel, so it is as sturdy as it is beautiful. The Solar light is waterproof, and as well as being charged via the sun, it can also be recharged by USB (cable included) so it can be used whatever the weather, and you don’t have to rely on the sunshine.


This adorable lamp is inspired by the bud form found in nature, and it can be taken and used anywhere.

It comes in 6 bright modern colours: lemon yellow, ocean blue, olive green, fluorescent orange, aubergine and ash grey.

The tapered cylindrical shape makes it easy to hold and carry, and its pleasing form is reassuring and makes it perfect for a child’s night light.

It is robust, splash-proof and easy to clean, and the USB cable to charge it is included. It will last for up to 20 hours on a single charge.

Bud Ball

The ultimate in simplicity, the bud ball is a simple sphere with a flattened part so it doesn’t roll away. A single button provides 3 dimmer settings. It comes in both black and white colourways.

It is perfect for entertaining in the garden, as you can place it in the middle of your table and enjoy the company of your friends long after the sun has set.

Now that we’ve discussed 4 of the best portable lights from Lighting Lovers, why not check out the rest of their range here?

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