Using lighting as accents in your new home

Moving into a brand-new house or an apartment can be an exciting time and one of the thrills is having the opportunity to make it feel like home. While putting together your furniture and unpacking your belongings can help a new living space feel familiar, there are less obvious ways to personalise a property.

In this blog, we’ll look at accent lights and the benefits they bring when you want to create a bespoke look and feel to your rooms that reflect your style and taste.

What are accent lights?

By definition, accent lighting involves directional lights that are designed to deliver visual separation within a living space. Rather than the main lighting source, lighting accents are a room’s secondary lights, and as a rule, they should always be between three and five times brighter than ambient light levels for the room.

Examples of accent lights include floor and table lamps and wall-mounted solutions, like sconces.

How to use accent lighting?

Most rooms will have a primary ambient light source, such as a chandelier in the dining room but multiple accent lights like wall sconces can be added to break up the room.

They can add space to spaces with smaller dimensions or divide open plan areas to create smaller rooms within rooms.

Accents lights can also be used to draw attention to a specific feature in a room. You’ll see this technique often applied in art galleries where lights are positioned above sculptures and paintings.

However, you don’t have to possess fine art to create features in your room with accent lighting. A favoured piece of furniture, an area where you display a set of ornaments or regularly keep a vase of fresh flowers can all be lit by accent lighting.

Accent lighting options

A diverse range of products is available to choose from providing both ambient and accent lighting for your home. Experts in artisan lighting offer accent lights in a wide array of styles and colours, ensuring you can always find the right design to complement your décor.

Portable lights can be an ideal option that offers homeowners the flexibility to switch up the locations of features around their rooms. Without the constraints of cabling, options that run on rechargeable batteries can allow you to get creative quickly and easily.

Table and floor lamps are also available that run on battery and pluggable versions when power sockets are close by areas you wish to accentuate.

When you plan to retain a feature for longer, pendant lights can be positioned directly above artworks, tables, and display areas to illuminate a particular subject.

Experts in illumination

To sum up, ambient light is typically dimmer and quieter, setting the general atmosphere of the room. At the same time, accents are brighter, separating living spaces and showcasing special features and creating a focus.

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