Choosing lighting for your new home

So, you finally bought your first house. Everything looks great...except the lighting. Choosing lighting for your new home is an intricate process that requires taking many factors into account.

Consider the purpose of the lighting, the amount and quality of light required, and the type of fixtures. These criteria are applied to ensure that your lighting provides style and comfort to your space.

Here are some tips from designers to help you choose the best lighting for your new home.

Consider how the light fitting will look lit and unlit

Light fittings have two personalities: lit and unlit. A piece reveals its full potential when illuminated, so before judging it, ensure you’ve seen it in its full potential.

Something boring during the day can turn into a masterpiece in the nighttime once darkness falls and it’s able to cast beautiful rays and shadows in the room.

Play to a room’s aesthetic

If you want a statement piece in a room, select a light fitting that directly compliments the space or something opposite to create some contrast. The overall design scheme of the room will help you decide whether the fixture should conform to the architectural details of the room or contrast with it.

Also remember that larger pieces aren’t necessarily statement pieces. If you want the lighting fixture to be the centre of attention in the room, then ensure the rest of the room doesn’t compete with it.

Think oversized

When in doubt, go for a large light fixture. Small fixtures can look mean and feel like an afterthought, especially in a large room with high ceilings. That said, creating balance should be your main priority.

For example, instead of a large centre chandelier in a large room, place floor lamps at every corner for a balanced look and better lighting.

Use different levels of lighting

Differing lighting levels are key when designing a room. Like stage lighting, a room looks better and feels cosier when some areas are brightly lit and others are allowed to fade to gentle pools.

To achieve this look, you will need to incorporate overhead fixtures, table and floor lamps and even dimmers in one space. If you don’t have the budget for all of that, you can use a Lutron Circuit to achieve a similar look.

Think about functional and decorative fixtures

Different types of lighting serve different functions. Ambient or general lighting’s sole purpose is to provide uniform illumination levels across a room. While this is enough on its own, lighting is not just for illumination.

Incorporate accent lighting such as wall-mounted fixtures and led tape light to add some extra pizzazz. For example, use lighting with the same shadow form along the corridor for a dramatic look.

Maintenance and repair

The last thing to consider when buying light fittings is maintenance. Yes, a huge crystal chandelier would look fabulous in your home, but can you clean it? Can you change the bulbs safely?

If you don’t have a maintenance team, you’ll need to consider the practicalities of a light fixture. If you’re in the market for beautiful light fittings that will complete your new home, check out our shop today.