Give your garden a makeover with outdoor lighting

With the warmer months of the year now upon us, people up and down the country are spending more time enjoying their gardens. Spending time outdoors can be a great way to relax and reconnect with nature but also an outstanding way to socialise, by entertaining friends and family members.

While summer supplies extra hours of daylight, those looking to appreciate their outdoor space later and for longer will find there is a range of innovative options available to illuminate their gardens and patios. To prepare the outside parts of your property for parties and ensure they stay bright into the night, read on for a guide on reinvigorating your garden with outdoor lighting.

How to use garden lighting?

Lighting an outdoor space is a cost-effective and low-maintenance method for refurbishment. Adding lights can draw attention to the parts of your garden you are proud of, while omitting them can draw the attention of guests away from areas that are still a work in progress. Positioning lighting in trees and foliage can create a glow, while lining paths with lights can offer additional safety when you’re using your garden after dark.

Stem lights boast a classic design and provide plenty of illumination for entrances, walkways, and steps to ensure that those unfamiliar with your garden can see where they are going. You can keep them clear or go natural and allow plants to wind around for a more inclusive look and feel.

Portable lights offer you optimum flexibility. Available in an extensive array of organic shapes, these lights offer up to 20 hours of use before charging and are exceptionally light to carry. The portable nature of these solutions allows you to create newly illuminated areas around your garden at a moment’s notice.

Sustainable designs for an outdoor environment

Solar-powered lighting options are available for gardens featuring stylish designs including upright bollards and lanterns in multiple spaces. Ideally suited to eco-friendly homeowners, these garden lights are fitted with solar panels and fully integrated LED light bulbs.

They are easily configured and boast different levels of illumination to create different atmospheres and suit various activities. On days where there isn’t enough sun to get a lasting charge, you’ll find these innovative options also come with USB charging.

Well-designed for an outdoor environment, they are waterproofed against the elements and made from robust steel ensuring they provide many years of use. Small lanterns can sit on the table as centrepieces when dining while bollards lights can be fixed in place via a ground spike to create gentle ambient lighting.

Outdoor lighting for every application

Whether you’re looking to create a relaxed atmosphere or create exciting features in your garden, you’ll find everything you need at Lighting Lover. Boasting elegant designs and modern functionality, our innovative lighting solutions are supplied side-by-side with hand-selected options from leading lighting manufacturers like UMAGE and INNERMOST.

Whether you are looking for inspiration or advice, you can feel free to contact our dedicated team today.