Different colour palettes for your home

While you might have favourite colours, trying to combine them to create a specific look and feel for your home isn’t always easy.

However, finding the perfect colour palette for a room is far from impossible and, in this blog, we’ll take a deep dive into how to get started. We’ll also look at some tried and tested colour palettes and the effects they can create.

Understanding your space

Certain colours will ultimately suit different types of rooms. As a result, when picking a colour palette, you must first assess your space. As a rule of thumb, if a room faces north and tends to feel cool, colours with warmer tones like pinks, gold and yellow can help it feel a little more welcoming.

However, if the room is south facing, you can usually get away with using most colours, from cool blues and greens to dark, dramatic purples.

The dimensions of a room are also an important point. Smaller spaces are best kept light and bright, while larger living areas can cope with darker and richer colours as they won’t become overbearing.

It’s worth noting that you can always create accents with the colour palette you prefer, for example establishing a feature wall with a strong hue or employing rugs and cushions in your colour of choice.

Versatile purple

Associated with royalty and magic, a purple colour palette can create an enchanting or regal appearance when a rich or dark tone is used. However, lighter hues like lavenders and lilacs can create a relaxed but elegant atmosphere.

Contrast is a key part of ensuring your colour palette strikes the right chord. Gold accents in the form of fixtures, fittings, guilt edging and table lamps can amplify the royal look that purple is renowned for.

From magical nurseries to grand dining and reception rooms, purple has much to offer.

Cool blues

To create a peaceful feeling, blue is difficult to beat. Midnight and navy blues are ideal for a well-turned-out room where you still want to relax, while cerulean blues are less informal but equally calming.

Whether blues are deep or light, they are well complemented by the warm tones found in wood. As a result, blue painted walls and covering are an excellent combination with timber flooring and wooden doors and furniture.

From bedrooms to recreation rooms where you like to unwind, blue can be an excellent bet.

Earth tones

Combining natural colours can bring outdoor appeal to indoor areas. Consider how well the colour scheme of woodland works regardless of the season and combine oak browns, verdant green and rusty autumn tones for an engaging interior.

The colours selected can be strong or subtle to suit different tastes and balanced with light grey or cream-coloured walls to keep a sense of space. From living rooms with plenty of light to areas with garden views, earth-inspired palettes can allow you a seamless transition to the outside world By considering the size and sense of your room, you’ll find the options for colour palettes are unlimited.

Try out your ideas using modern interior visualiser applications or traditional samples and swatches before settling on your perfect palette.

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