Using table lights within the home

Want to create a soft glow of light in your home? Need gentle illumination for night time reading? Looking to spark up cosy feels in the living room or create a beautiful setting when entertaining guests?

Table lamp lighting is designed to do all of these things. A true interior design aesthetic is best achieved through layered lighting. This technique includes the use of different levels of lighting; ambient, mood, task and accent. In short, ambient lighting is your overhead ceiling light whilst mood, task and accent lighting come from table lamps, sconces, uplighting, floor lamps and reading lights.

Today, we're highlighting the best table lamps for the home, choosing striking, practical and functional designs that set the mood with flattering washes of light. Turn your regular house into a stylish home.

Perfect proportions

Marrying structural balance and modern minimalism, the Asteria Table Light casts a beautiful glow over early mornings and washes your room with soft light on darker evenings. The beauty of brass is highlighted in its slender stem and its shade comes in three different colour options; Pearl White, Forest Green and Black.

The sleek study

We love the Asteria Table Lamp for its sleek looks and secret USB port concealed in the brass base. It makes a beautiful home office task lamp, and serves as somewhere to charge your phone even when the light is turned off. Choose the Asteria in Forest Green for a handsome splash of colour.

The luxury living room

The Asteria Table Lamp offers lavish accent lighting and makes for a stunning focal point in any living space. Opt for Pearl White and create a luxury living room with Parisian flair.

Dare to go dark in the bedroom

Looking to bring a touch of decadence to the bedroom? Two Asteria Table Lamps in Black placed either side of the bed add irresistible drama to your space.

A mid-century modern mood

An artistic aesthetic meets fabulous functionality with the Parasol Table Light. It ticks all the boxes for visual impact; an LED dimmable light, a pretty parasol-style shade and a slimline silhouette that fits effortlessly into slender spaces.

A pop of colour in the hallway

Brighten up your entryway with the Parasol Table Light in Red. This accent lamp can be arranged on a console table or small side table to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that works just as well in a period property as it does in a contemporary one.

Feminine flair in the bedroom

Bathing your bedroom in gentle luminosity, the Parasol Table Lamp in White is the perfect combination of playfulness and elegance. Use on the dressing table for statement making style, or either side of the bed for a serene backdrop.

Time for new tech

Taking creativity to new heights, the YOY Table Light uses LED technology to project the shape and light of a lampshade onto the wall behind. The ultimate in minimalism, it's perfect for small spaces and makes for a super social talking point.

In the kid's zone

YOY Table Lights are a great addition to kid's rooms, nurseries and playrooms. A safe and fun way of lighting a room, they set a wonderfully soothing scene for playtime or nap time.

A design-led living room

Fancy a fashionable focal point? The YOY Table Lamp combines technology with on-point trend, making it the ideal mood lighting for game nights, parties, or just settling on the sofa with Netflix.

Looking for innovative lighting ideas and ready for a refresh? Explore our collection of table lamps and put the spotlight back on style in your home.