Bring your garden to life with outdoor lighting

Your garden is the hub of socialising and relaxing in your home in the summer months, and you take pride in maintaining it to the highest standards and making it look beautiful.

Why compromise on this when the sun goes down?

Outdoor lighting could be the solution you are looking for in order to enjoy the garden for longer and add that little bit of extra flair.

In this guide, we will reveal our top six outdoor lighting accessories to bring your garden to life.

Bud Portable Lamp

The simple and understated Bud Portable Lamp will illuminate any garden with ease. Its simple mechanism means all you do is push the bulb to switch it on without the need for wires, so it can safely sit anywhere in the garden. Its durable and high-quality plastic material means that it is completely waterproof and can withstand all weather conditions while maintaining its fantastic, colourful finish. You can use these on their own for low light around the table or combine multiple Bud Portable Lamps for more flexible design ideas.

Bud Ball Portable Light

Staying with the portable theme, the Bud Ball Portable Light is another highly adaptable solution to outdoor lighting problems. It has three levels of brightness so the ambience is in your hands while boasting a beautifully slick finish that will add style to any garden. Like the Bud Portable Lamp, this is fully portable and rechargeable so it can be used anywhere and paired with others for an eye-catching finish or used on its own for simple lighting.

Solar Lantern Outdoor Light

With its downward-directed light and beautiful all-steel construction, the Solar Lantern Outdoor Light will add relaxed lighting while making a beautiful decorative piece in any garden. There is no glare or wires, so this is as subtle as outdoor lighting gets while keeping your garden well-lit and natural feeling.

Orbit Portable Table Lamp

The Orbit Portable Table Lamp is designed to be picked up and taken wherever you go, making it perfect for lively gardens that need that bit of extra light to brighten the way. The refined brass detailing and moonlight appearance of the LED bulb means that this will add statement and style to your garden, wherever you need it.

Bollard Outdoor Light

Your garden lighting scheme will be completed with the 60 cm Bollard Outdoor Light that will provide ample lighting for any space while remaining aesthetically pleasing. For complete stability, the spike can be inserted into soft ground, decking or stone, meaning it can withstand any conditions and can accommodate natural greenery. Motion activation makes this a highly convenient and natural addition.

Stem Outdoor Garden Light

Standing at 115 cm, the Stem Outdoor Garden Light directs all of its light downwards so that there is no glare, but the walkways of your garden are perfectly illuminated. This floor lamp can be placed anywhere and easily moved without cables or heavy construction, so despite standing tall, it remains adaptable.