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The Stem Outdoor Garden Light is a great addition to the world of rechargeable outdoor lamps; a floor lamp that you can place anywhere. Great for reading whilst out on a terrace or a perfect feature for the places you can't route cables and sockets in your outdoor spaces.

The top is shielded reflecting all the light downwards so it won't shine in your eyes or stop you from seeing the night sky. It has 3-stage dimming and recharges via a micro USB port.

Proper outdoor garden lighting means creating unique atmospheres with which to enhance the garden, the terrace and any outdoor space. If you are entertaining in the garden use it to illuminate steps, walkways or entrances.

Take a look at 10 different ways you can light up your outdoor space.

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Stem Garden Outdoor Light Features


USB-C cable

(USB plug not included)



Integrated LED (Included)



3-step dimmer switch (dimming percentage: 25%, 50%, 100%)


Battery Life

20 hours maximum battery life & 5 hours to fully recharge

  • 5hr battery life at 100%
  • 10hr at 50%
  • 20hr at 25%

Outdoor Lighting General Information


Height - 115cm

Diameter - Ø22cm





IP Rating



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