Moon Globe Pendant Light

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Size: Small - Ø20cm
Colour: White
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The Moon Globe Pendant Light is the classic frosted glass bistro light updated for the 21st century. The design fits anywhere and graces any space with its stylish simplicity.

The closed design of the hand-made blown glass means this design is great if you need to put them in those up-high out-of-the-way places that you don't want to clean every week!

We offer 2 sizes, 20cm and 40cm so why not make a cluster of multiple Moon Globe Pendant Lights and make a statement worthy of any professional interior designer? 

Introducing a Moon Globe Pendant Light into your home goes beyond mere decor; it's a declaration of refined taste and elegance. With its celestial-inspired elegance, adaptable design, and captivating ambient lighting, this mesmerising fixture imbues any space with an enchanting allure.

To see if the Moon Globe Pendant Light would suit your room, check out our blog post about 6 tips that will help you choose the perfect lighting.

Moon Pendant Light Features


4m White Cable.



E27 (Not included)





Ceiling Rose

White: White Hemisphere

Brass: Brass Hemisphere

General Information



Height - 20cm

Diameter - Ø20cm



Height - 40cm

Diameter - Ø40cm


Glass and Steel


IP Rating




Popular FAQs

What is the difference between a pendant light and a ceiling light?

The main difference between a pendant light and a ceiling light lies in their design and installation. A pendant light typically hangs from the ceiling on a chain, cord, or rod, often with a single bulb enclosed in a decorative shade or fixture. It is meant to be a focal point, adding style and illumination to specific areas like dining tables or entryways.

In contrast, a ceiling light refers to any light fixture mounted directly to the ceiling surface, such as flush or semi-flush mounts, which provide general ambient lighting without hanging down.

Can you install pendant lights yourself?

It's advisable to consult a licensed electrician for safe and proper installation.

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