6 tips that will help you choose the perfect lighting

Lighting can transform the mood and style of each room in your home by balancing light and shade, complementing your colour palette and setting the tone for day and night activities.

Style, design and direction of light flow are all important elements when choosing how to light your home.

Learn how to light up your space with our top 6 tips and emulate the kind of ambience interior designers always achieve.

1. Sketch out a lighting plan

Whether you’re redesigning your home or redecorating just one room, sketch out the space on paper and work out where you want your lighting to be. In the bedroom, this might be a ceiling light and table lamps whilst in the kitchen, it could be task lighting, cabinet strips and overhead pendant lights.

Think about where lighting will be most helpful, how you can create a warm and cosy ambience and where you need brighter lights for work and chores.

2. Layer your lighting

Interior designers illuminate rooms by following a technique called layered lighting. Using multiple sources of lighting at different levels gives you the versatility of both functional and decorative light. In the bedroom you can achieve the layered look with our natural goose feather Eos Large Ceiling Light and our Parasol Table Lights.

The Eos spreads warm diffused ambient light across the room whilst the Parasol Table Lamps on either side of the bed generate soft and intimate accent lighting. In the living room, layered lighting produces a delicious atmosphere for both day and night.

3. Add dimmer switches for complete control

Adding dimmer switches is an easy and energy-efficient way to control the amount of light in each room. Turn up the intensity when you’re doing daily chores and soften it down when you want a moody and inviting glow.

Dimmer switches give clear and bright functional light on duller days and low-level luminosity on nights when you want to relax or entertain.

4. Play with texture, colour and shape

Lighting is the perfect way to express your personal style. At Lighting Lover, we play with tactile textures, sustainable materials, exquisite colours and creative shapes. With its flaxen hues that shimmer like sunset, our Fibre Silk Globe Lampshade offers a pure luxe look.

Mimicking the organic shapes of the peony flower, our Pilke Pioni Wooden Pendants give you eco-friendly style with an artistic edge. And for an elegant yet contemporary presence, our handblown Parison Glass Pendant Lights bring all those warming amber hues.

5. Choose the right bulbs for every occasion

Choose your bulbs carefully and nail form, function and style. Go for higher wattage in spaces where you need bright light, lower temperatures for an inviting ambience and halogen light bulbs to mimic natural daylight. Want extra style points? Decorative filament lightbulbs will give you the vintage Edison designer look at an affordable price.

6. Take it outside

Illuminating your outside space is equally important and our rechargeable Bud Ball Portable Light is the perfect outdoor choice. An ambient light with a 3 step dimming function, its rounded minimalist form is ideal for nights under the stars. Keep it charged and you'll also have a handy light source in the event of a power cut.

Want irresistible illumination with the flick of a switch? Browse our full collection today and discover thoughtfully designed lights for all the spaces and places you need to shine.

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