Lampshades are back in fashion

Lampshades are back in fashion and setting the style agenda for 2022. From a practical point of view, they're functional pieces that protect your eyes from the glare of a bulb. From an interior design perspective, they’re one of the easiest ways to enrich your home with colour and texture.

We’ve selected three key design trends for 2022 - modern maximalism, warm neutrals and sustainable living - along with inspiring ideas on how to use our lampshades to style your space.

1. Modern maximalism

Modern maximalism is the vibe to strive for in 2022 home design. Bright, bold and beautiful furnishings are firmly on the map. Think striking patterns, contrasting colours and mismatched layering. Start small with a lineup of different patterned cushions and lampshades in quirky prints and jewel-toned colours.

Go full on with eclectic artwork, gem-coloured upholstery and an array of vibrant accessories. Confident maximalism is all about playing with pattern, texture and colour. Choose two or three wow-factor pieces and create focal points in your room.

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Give your home a vibrant and high impact finish and capture the essence of maximalism with the playful print and pops of colour found in our Memphis Lampshade Crushing on jewel-toned hues? For a contemporary maximalist look, our Harrogate Lampshade in Orange is as joyful as it is juicy.

2. Dusky pinks and creams

At the other end of the spectrum, 2022 interior design is focused on warm neutrals, cocooning materials and sumptuous textures. Cool tones of grey are replaced by mushroom hues. Pinks are soft and muted. Whites are toned down to creams. In the bedroom, a palette of warm neutrals is soft and tender whilst in the living room or dining room, it feels welcoming and modern.

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A seductive combination of dusky pink and plush velvet, our Harrogate Quilted Lampshade is a luxe look. Its opulent quilting and muted tones give bedrooms and living rooms a beautiful and sophisticated update.

Our delicately hued Fibre Silk Lampshade blends sensual design with luxurious fabric. Hang a trio over the dining room table for scene-stealing style or position them low on either side of the bed for dispersed ambient lighting.

Still hankering after grey? This year’s mushroom tones can be found in our Harrogate Quilted Lampshade in grey. A cosy version of a warm neutral, it brings an inviting feel to living rooms and a sense of softness to bedrooms.

3. Sustainable style

The mood for 2022 is all about planet-friendly style and natural materials that add warmth to your home. Think organic cotton linens, stone coffee tables, wool rugs and reclaimed wood dining tables. Lush botanicals bring the outside in, organic shapes mimic the natural world and paint shades such as forest greens and earth clays nail the aesthetic.

Our Cork Lampshade showcases the beauty of natural tree bark whilst letting the light shine through. Choose dark and smouldering Smoke for an alluring depth of colour in the bedroom or lighter Neutral to add a raw and earthy element to kitchens and living rooms.

Lampshades play with pattern and colour, add warm tones to your space and up the ante when it comes to greener living. Whether you want drum pendants or high table lamps, Lighting Lover lampshades are an easy way to transform your space.

From luxury silks and soft-touch velvets to jewel-toned colours and muted tones, the new home design trend is all about staying in the shade.

Explore our collection of lampshades today for centre stage lighting and low-level ambience that hits all the right notes.