How to light an open plan space

The right lighting can make a huge difference to your open-plan living space. Whether you want to spotlight your dining table or create a cosy sitting area, lighting can transform your home. Read on for Lighting Lover's top five tips for lighting your open plan space.

1. Create different zones using lighting

Use lighting to compartmentalize your space into different zones. Each area of your open plan living space is likely to be used for different purposes, so consider what lighting you'll need where. Mix ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting to add depth to your space. For practical lighting in the kitchen opt for the Hoxton Ceiling Light, then create atmosphere in your sitting area with the YOY table light.

2. Use pendant lighting to create a focal point

Pendant lights can be used for both ambient and task lighting, and are particularly useful in open plan spaces where walls are at a minimum. Make a statement over your sitting area with our Havas Pendant Light, or light up your kitchen island using our pearl pendant lights. You can even accessorize with statement lampshades, such as our Harrogate Lampshade.

3. Lamps can create atmosphere

Create an intimate, cosy vibe using lamps at different levels throughout your space. Decorative table lamps, such as the Asteria Table Light, provide warm, low-level lighting, whilst the Jeeves Bowler Hat Table Lamps are stylish accessories perfect for any home. Place lamps in the corners of your room to bring a space in for a cosy, intimate feel.

4. Make the most of accent lighting

Highlight particular areas within your open plan space using accent lighting. Not only does this break up the space, but it also draws attention to key elements, such as your favourite artwork or interior features. Why not spotlight your framed photos using the Pomelo Glass Pendant Light? Or accent your fireplace using two standing lamps with the EOS Mini Lampshade. Accent lighting is a great way to turn an open-plan space into a welcoming home environment.

5. Unify your space

Just as lighting can be used to compartmentalise your space, it can also be used to bring an open plan area together. Match your lighting and lampshades to the overarching aesthetic of your room. For contemporary spaces that favour modernist decor, the Parison Glass Pendant Light completes the aesthetic perfectly. If you've chosen a more traditional, cottage-esque feel, opt for the Checks Lampshade to accessorise your space.

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