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Made from strong plastic mouldings, the Bud Portable Lamp is a go-anywhere do-anything LED lamp. We can’t describe the Bud Portable Lamp in one sentence – it’s too functional to be pigeonholed in one area of lighting. Table light, garden light, night light. Yes, to all. Yet it is so much more than this. Sometimes we like to think of the Bud as a modern take on a handheld Victorian oil lantern. Forget about the limitations that wires and cables create, you can literally pick up Bud and place it anywhere - in any situation, for any event. Bud alone or with ‘buddies’ will work in a multitude of different situations.

This rechargeable and extremely versatile light frees you from the constraints of cables, with a three-step dimming function to adjust to any situation. Push down on Bud’s bulb to activate the light and press again to increase the light intensity from 25% to 50% to 100%.

This light is great as a night-light for a young child – no wires – no hidden dangers! And if you need to get up in the night, no sleepy, blind fumbling in the middle of the night, trying to find a switch! A gentle push down on the bulb will immediately activate it. It’s also splash-proof – You just dry it off before you charge it up again.

The quality plastic construction is waterproof, lightweight, easily cleanable.

The shape of the Bud Portable Lamp imitates nature, the globe bulb is shelled by two petal-like plastic forms which appear to simultaneously hold and protect the light. Interact with Bud’s bulb to activate the light and dimming function. The tapered cylindrical form encases the translucent globe on top of a thin silicone pad that allows it be pushed to adjust dimming.

Our Bud Portable Lamp is available in 6 pleasingly solid colours – ocean blue, olive green, aubergine, lemon yellow, ash grey and fluorescent orange.

The Bud Portable Lamp Features


Micro USB Cable (Included)

USB plug not included



Interrogated LED (Included)



3-step dimmer switch (dimming percentage: 25%, 50%, 100%)


Battery Life

20 hours maximum battery life & 5 hours to fully recharge

  • 5hr battery life at 100%
  • 10hr at 50%
  • 20hr at 25%

General Information


Height - 20cm

Diameter - Ø12cm





IP Rating



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