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Fibre Silk Globe LampshadeFibre Silk Globe Lampshade
Sale priceFrom £159.00
Fibre Silk Globe Lampshade
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Parison Glass Pendant LightParison Glass Pendant Light
Sale price£110.00
Parison Glass Pendant Light
Rosette - Cord SetRosette - Cord Set
Sale price£25.00
Rosette - Cord Set
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moon 40 and 20 drop pendant lights dinner tablemoon drop pendant light brass over desk
Sale priceFrom £75.00
Moon Globe Pendant Light
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Jelly Glass Pendant Lightjelly glass pendant light blue
Sale price£60.00
Jelly Glass Pendant Light
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Scion Lohko LampshadeScion Lohko Lampshade
Sale priceFrom £73.20
Scion Lohko Lampshade
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Jeeves Bowler Hat Pendant LightsJeeves Bowler Hat Pendant Lights
London Underground LampshadeLondon Underground Lampshade
Sale priceFrom £39.00
London Underground Lampshade
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Core Glass Pendant LightsCore Glass Pendant Lights
Sale priceFrom £155.00
Core Glass Pendant Lights
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Pilke Large Wooden Pendant Lightpilke 60 light off wooden pendant
Sale price£436.00 Regular price£545.00
Pilke Large Wooden Pendant Light
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Pomelo Glass Pendant LightPomelo Glass Pendant Light
Sale price£70.00
Pomelo Glass Pendant Light
Clava Dine LampshadeClava Dine Lampshade
Sale priceFrom £199.00
Clava Dine Lampshade
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Brixton PendantBrixton Pendant
Sale priceFrom £175.00
Brixton Pendant
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Brindley Pendant - BurnishedBrindley Pendant - Burnished
Sale price£378.00
Brindley Pendant - Burnished
Aspen Ceiling LampAspen Ceiling Lamp
Sale priceFrom £446.00
Aspen Ceiling Lamp
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Doric PendantDoric Pendant
Sale priceFrom £95.00
Doric Pendant
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Misko SH3Misko SH3
Sale priceFrom £2,042.00
Misko SH3
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C Ball PendantC Ball Pendant
Sale priceFrom £485.00
C Ball Pendant
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Misko Ceiling LightMisko Ceiling Light
Sale priceFrom £438.00
Misko Ceiling Light
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Misko Ceiling / Wall 15Misko Ceiling / Wall 15
Sale price£542.00
Misko Ceiling / Wall 15
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Asteria PendantAsteria Pendant
Sale priceFrom £199.00
Asteria Pendant
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Pilke Signature 18 Wooden PendantPilke Signature 18 Wooden Pendant
Sale price£236.00 Regular price£295.00
Pilke Signature 18 Wooden Pendant
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Pilke Signature Wooden Pendant 20-42Pilke Signature Wooden Pendant 20-42
Sale price£396.00 Regular price£495.00
Pilke Signature Wooden Pendant 20-42
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