sustainable lighting

Sustainable lighting is becoming more and more popular due to the increased awareness of environmental problems and people's desire to fill their homes with more natural and fewer synthetic materials.

There are many ways in which lighting can be considered more sustainable. Being designed to fit energy-efficient bulbs is possibly the most obvious way, but the sustainability of the materials lights are made from can play a big factor in the environmental impact, as well as the cost.

So let's look at some of the main benefits of using sustainable lighting in your home, and hopefully help you to decide whether to start making the switch today.

Benefits of using Sustainable Lighting


One of the main benefits of sustainable lighting is the reduced impact on the environment, and lighting designed as sustainable can achieve this in a few different ways. Being designed to work optimally with energy efficient bulbs, especially LEDs, can reduce power usage, reduce carbon emissions and overall lead to having fewer negative impacts on the environment.

With the complete phasing out of non-energy efficient bulbs such as halogens in the UK, the overall impact of millions of people switching to sustainable lighting will have a large effect on our combined carbon footprint.

Using sustainable materials to build or decorate lamps also helps as these materials have a lower carbon footprint associated with them. By buying sustainable, but durable, lights, not only will the environment be thankful, but it will reduce the total number of lights needed to be produced globally for that extra eco-benefit.

Cost Effective

With reduced energy use comes lower energy costs, and especially as the cost of keeping the lights on increases, running a lot of inefficient lights would be expensive, as well as wasting valuable power.

Bulbs that have a lower energy usage, especially LEDs, need changing much less than their old, less sustainable, counterparts, again saving money, and again saving the global energy cost of manufacturing many unnecessary extra bulbs.

Additionally, keeping costs down by making lights and fixtures from sustainable materials allows for more research and development into new technologies, as well as also working more with designers and artists in order to keep innovating and keep pushing style and practicality forward within the home.


As well as being morally responsible, sustainability is very in the zeitgeist at the moment, which means that some of the world's best artists and designers are turning their expert eyes to fitting sustainability into our homes.

Understanding the burgeoning market for eco-conscious people who know that there doesn't need to be a compromise between sustainability and design, designers and lighting companies are joining forces to show us what the future of our lighting should look like.

Lighting Lovers Sustainable Lighting Brands

Pilke Lights

When it comes to sustainable lighting, the Pilke range is a must-see. Designed by Tuuka Halonen and Janne Uusi-Autti, this range of lights shows what it means to be sustainable and contemporary, and proves that nobody ever needs to make a choice between style and substance.

Made from sustainable materials such as natural birch wood, the Pilke collection is made up of four stunning pendant lights, showcasing a range of casing different shapes, colours and sizes, all in a modern Nordic design style. Birch wood has many advantages when it comes to maxing out its sustainability.

As well as being quick to grow and therefore plentiful and renewable, birch can be sourced locally in the Northern Hemisphere, cutting carbon costs by removing the need for the shipping of large amounts of materials across the globe.

Our exclusive Pilke range was recently featured on Architect and Interiors India.

Original Home

Original Home deepens its dedication to sustainability with a stunning collection of eco-friendly lighting solutions that seamlessly blend functionality with exquisite design.

Each lighting fixture is meticulously crafted from responsibly sourced materials, including reclaimed wood, recycled metals, and eco-friendly fabrics. These pieces are designed to minimise environmental impact without sacrificing style or quality.

Whether you're seeking to illuminate your living room, add warmth to your bedroom, or create a cosy atmosphere in your dining area, Original Home offers the perfect lighting solution for every space.

Final Words

To see the entire range of these sustainable lights visit Lighting Lover, and if you want more information about sustainable lighting for your home, or if you are just after some friendly, professional advice, please contact us today.