Four ways to set the right mood with lighting

Have you ever wondered how the right lighting can turn your home into a stylish space? Light and shade are two of the most important aspects of interior design. Get them right and you'll create a swoon-worthy home for every mood. Lighting plays a crucial role in home design, not only illuminating each room but also changing your frame of mind. With ambient lighting, you can transform a dull room into a bright and evocative space. With task lighting, you can set the scene for well-lit spaces where you can read and work. With accent lighting, you can add layers of soft illumination in every room creating warm and tranquil spaces, cosy nooks, focal points and designated zones that feel soothing and calm.

Ready to flick the switch and get the right light for every moment? Here are four ways to set the mood with lighting.

1) Layer your lighting for maximum impact

A lot of people just use one single overhead light in each of their rooms. But once you understand the basics of mood lighting, you'll see why layering your light sources is the way forward when it comes to creating a mood-boosting aesthetic.

  • Overhead lighting

The foundation of your whole scheme, a beautiful overhead pendant provides general lighting and gives you that functional day-to-day light source. Make a visual impact with overhead lighting by choosing a striking pendant light for the living room, kitchen or bedroom.

  • Ambient lighting

Overhead lighting, whilst functional, can cast unflattering shadows and glare. That's why your next layer of lighting is designed to create some atmosphere. Ambient lighting is perfect for those evenings when you're entertaining, or want to wind down the mood. Think soft, contemporary shades that cast a warm and inviting glow or mouth-blown crystal glass pendants that exude relaxed and calming vibes.

  • Task lighting

Reading, cooking, studying... task lighting does what it says on the tin and is fundamental for focus. This layer of lighting has a strong wattage and should be six to ten times brighter than your ambient lighting.

  • Accent lighting

Accent lighting will create a flush of sultry colour in each room and make your space feel inviting and warm. Get your ambient lighting from eye-level table and floor lamps. Ambient lighting should be swish and stylish - think Bowler Hat Table Lamps and modern Parasol Lamps.

2) Bring in natural wood for a warm and calming aura

Revel in the warmth of natural wood and set the mood for a peaceful hygge home environment. Choose sculptural Birch Ply Pendant Lights for soft Scandi-chic style.

3) Use low-level atmospheric lamps

For a high design that's mellow, low-level lamps will add style and soul to your room. A shadow lamp such as the YOY Table Light is equal parts dramatic and ambient and a great talking point when it comes to design.

4) Customise the mood with dimmer switches

Control the colour and intensity of light with dimmable bulbs and dimmer switches. Go light and bright in the day and then turn it down a notch come evening to create a coveted calm and intimate space.

At Lighting Lover we have you covered for every mood. Browse our full collection today and discover the secrets of a well-lit space.