Benefits of choosing solar lighting

Solar lighting is an excellent alternative for off-the-grid areas or where electricity is costly to bring to a site. It is also a great application for companies looking to showcase their eco-friendly approach to energy. However, even in normal circumstances, solar lighting offers numerous advantages over traditional methods. This article explores the types and benefits of solar lighting.

Types of solar lighting systems

Solar lighting systems have diversified over the years. They range from small LED fixtures to high-wattage fixtures that can illuminate parking lots and roadways.

Small low wattage systems are the most popular, and they're mainly used at home to light the driveway, walkway, and landscape. They're also used as security lights to illuminate residential buildings and small businesses.

Large solar lights, on the other hand, are used to illuminate large areas such as parking lots and roadways. They are only manufactured on demand and are custom configured to suit the project's needs. They come with a large solar power assembly mounted at the top of the pole to ensure there's enough light coverage.

Whether you are working on a residential or commercial project, solar lighting is the way to go. Here are the benefits of choosing solar lighting systems over grid lighting.

Benefits of solar lighting

Environmentally friendly

Perhaps the most significant benefit of solar power is that no greenhouses or pollutants are emitted during the process. As we race to decarbonize the planet, solar energy is the best option for clean energy.

Off-grid solar panels charge the batteries during the day, and once the sun sets, the controller dips into the power supply to illuminate the desired area. The batteries are also recyclable, which helps reduce our carbon footprint

Low-cost installation

The installation cost per pole between a grid system and off-grid solar is usually the same. However, with off-grid solar panels, there is no reason to trench or install metres. All wiring is located at the top of the pole instead of an underground conduit running from the main power source. This helps reduce installation costs significantly since trenching grid power and setting a metre is one of the most costly parts of installing a lighting project.

Virtually no maintenance

Another major advantage of solar lighting is that it's virtually maintenance-free. This is because solar lighting systems use LED fixtures which are the longest-lasting fixtures in the market today. LED bulbs have a lifespan of 20 years or more, and the batteries can last between five to seven years. The panels are cleaned by the rainfall, but if you live in a dry area with little to no rain, it is recommended that you clean them at least once a year.

Zero energy bills

While the upfront costs of installing a solar lighting system can be intimidating, the good news is that you will never pay power bills again. In addition, there are various financial incentives for commercial solar energy systems to help businesses make the switch to solar energy.

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